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    computer information systems degree programs

   business information systems

Students will be prepared to work in the Information Technology field in a wide variety of support roles. Students develop basic skills in a wide range of areas including application development and use, web development, databases, operating systems and analysis and design. This broad range of topics prepares them for jobs in small business and for support careers.   [view catalog]

   computer networking

Students will be prepared for entry-level computer network technician positions in the IT field. They will know how to install, configure, secure, troubleshoot and administer network systems comprised of users, shared resources, and network elements in local and Internet-based environments.   [view catalog]

   computer programming and web development

Students will be prepared for entry-level programming in business and industry including the option of focusing on web development. They will develop the skills to analyze problems and develop computerized solutions using multiple programming and/or web development options. They will develop the knowledge to work with data analysis and develop and maintain effective programs and/or websites.   [view catalog]

   cyber security and digital forensics

Students will be prepared for critical roles in developing solutions to security problems which are a continually changing and evolving issue for businesses. Students will master theoretical concepts of information security and the methodologies to apply learning to practical problem-solving and prevention. Students will learn computer forensics skills and will be able to conduct analysis of computer and/or network equipment and related data files.   [view catalog]

   game development, game creation

The program prepares students for entry into the video game industry. It offers those who want to combine a love of games, fun, and competition with the development of serious computer skills and prepare for a rapidly expanding career field. In the last two semesters of the program, coursework mimics industry development as students work in teams to propose and develop a game for distribution. This program is for the students interested in the overall creation and packaging of games.
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   computer science [transfer]

The Computer Science Transfer option prepares students to finish their education in Computer Science at a four-year institution. The CIS faculty worked closely with the Computer Science faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and the resulting program provides a seamless transition to Computer Science at UMass Dartmouth. The program also parallels the computer science offerings at other local colleges and universities.   [view catalog]

   information systems [transfer]

Students have the flexibility to individualize this transfer program to meet the requirements of many four-year colleges and universities.   [view catalog]

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