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    computer information systems certificates

   a+ certification

A+ students are prepared to sit for certification exam.   [view catalog]

   computer forensics

This certificate provides information technology and criminal justice professionals with the opportunity to obtain knowledge, training, and skills in computer forensics. Computer forensics examines legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.   [view catalog]

   computer programming

A certificate in Computer Programming gives students mastery of basic programming concepts. The student becomes literate in at least three programming languages and achieves advanced mastery of more sophisticated concepts in at least one programming language.   [view catalog]

   network tech

This certificate allows students to learn the practical aspects of fixing hardware and software and also the basics of operating systems and networking computers.   [view catalog]


Expertise in computer security is in high demand. This certificate prepares students entering the computing field and professionals to upgrade their skills. It offers additional skills as part of the Networking degree option or the Webmaster degree option.   [view catalog]

   web design

This certificate prepares students to respond to the needs of the new media design industries, specifically the Web design. Students receive a firm grounding in the basics of design and current design technology, with a strong emphasis on visual communications. This program is specifically suited for those with a technical or art/design background who want to expand their skill set.   [view catalog]

   windows server administration

Learn to use Windows administrative tools to set up, manage, and use basic network services, including file systems, network printing, and security. Students learn how to install and configure all software necessary for using a Windows network.   [view catalog]

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