Please review the classtimes set of php problems. Write a program fo each program and display messages..

#1: Use the case structure and set up a problem where you check for 2 conditions. The first should have two things in an AND relationship and should use AND and the second condition should have two things in an OR relationship and should use OR. Each of the conditions should result in a echo and there should be a default that uses the echo. The case should be written with colon.

#2: Do the logic of the problem in #1 but use elseif and again use colon and endif;

#3: Redo #2 using curly braces.

#4: Display a product with a dept of TOY and either a price over 100 or a cost over 75. Do this using one compound if statement.

#5: Redo #4 using separate if statements for each condition.

#6: Display a student with a major of CI or BU that has taken more than 45 credits and has a gpa >= 3.2.

#7: Display an employees who work in IN and either has a salary > 60000 or both a pay per hour > 50 and hours contracted to work = 40.

#8: Code condA and condB or condC or condD using using elseif with curly braces.

#9: Redo #9 using endif using colon and endif.

#10: Use the case structure to determine Season depending on the month.