Third Connect Group is a reference for this assignment. Note you can combine problems as long as you make it clear what you are doing.

Problem 1: Write a program that shows the columns in a table using print_r and then rewrite using var_dump.

Problem 2: Write a program to show the tables in one of your directories.

Problem 3: Write a program that uses the mysqli_data_seek.

Problem 4: Write a program that finds the number of rows using mysqli_num_rows and use it to process.

Problem 5: Use a table structure to display the records you retrieve from a select. The select should look for one thing that has to be true and either of two other things true.

Problem 6: Make a table using create table in PHP. Populate the table using PHP. Look at #7 before you do this to see if you need a table to answer that question.

Problem 7: Select information from two tables that link together and display the information.