Can be all in one program or multiple programs

Visual Basic Assignment

Question #1: Write a program to take in a name in the format Last/First Middle (for example Doe/John M) and return the name in the format First Middle Last (for example John M Doe). I want you to do this using functions that exist in VB to do the flip. Modify this to select a title/form of addressing from a radio button and put the title in front of the flipped name. One of the possibilities should be no title in which case you will not add a title. Create a file that contains a record with each flipped name and also display the flipped name on the screen.

Question #2: Take in the address in the format: street/city/state/zip and separate the parts and write the street on one line and city, state zip on the next line.

Question #3: Using the address create an id concatenating four segments of data which you extract using a different VB function.

Question #4: There are 5 different conferences that my company organizes. They are held in Manhattan, Dallas, and Los Angles. The cost is determined by which conference and where it is held. I want you to set up some kind of list box for the different conferences and for the different locations. The user should click on a conference and click on a location and you should get back to them with the cost.

Question #5: Set up one or more arrays that contain department numbers that are not 0,1,2, the name of the department and the budget for the department. Retrieve the information based on a query for a department number.