Problem #1: When the compiler checks your program the errors it finds are called _______________ errors.

Problem #2: The machine language version of the code is called _____________________.

Problem #3: The executable machine language runs, but the output it produces is not correct. These errors are called ______________________.

Problem #4: The code you produce when you write the program is called _______________________.

Problem #5: Two tools a programmer uses when planning the solution to a problem are __________________ _____________.

Problem #6: What is a variable?

Problem #7: In loops, if the processing is done and then I ask the question to see if it should be done again, will the processing always be done once?

Problem #8: In loops, if the question is asked prior to doing the processing, will the processing always be done?

Problem #9: What three things must be done to set up an effective loop?

Problem #10: What three structures must a programming language be able to do?