JavaScript Assignment #1

You need to write the pseudocode or draw the flowchart for the problems you need to solve. Pass in the pseudocode or flowchart along with the JavaScript code.

Problem #1: Take in the high temperature for a day and the low temperature for a day. Display the average temperature for the day.

Problem #2: Take in the total amount of a donation you pledged and the number of payments that you plan to make and determine the amount of each payment. Say if you pledge 100 and say you are making 4 payments that means 25 dollars per payment. Display the amount of the payment.

Problem #3: Take in a an item name and the price and the cost for the item.Calculate the profit (subtract cost from price). Display the item name and the profit.

Problem #4: Take in the customer's food charges and their beverage charges. Add them together to get the total before tax. Calculate the tax (use 4.5%) and give the price after taxes. Now calculate the tip (you are tipping at 15%) and add that to the total. Display three outputs: Bill before taxes, bill including taxes, bill including taxes and tip.

Problem #5: You have received 5 numeric grades for the semester. Grades can range from 0 to 100. The first grade counts for 12% of you final grade. The second grade counts for 18% of your final grade. The third grade counts for 20% of your final grade. The fourth grade counts for 20% of your final grade. The fifth grade counts for 30% of your final grade. Calculate and display your final numeric grade.

Problem #6: You need to calculate an employees pay. To do this you will need: Test this problem with information about an employee who did not work over their contracted hours and again for an employee who did work over their contracted hours.