CIS232 Linux Administration II
Janelle C. Arruda, Professor CIS
Spring 2019
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Homework Submissions and Final Exam Information

The final exam for this course will be administered online.   The exam will be administered within eLearning and will be available from Friday, May 10th to Monday May 13th (11:59pm).  Please be sure to take it during that time frame.
The final exam is a approximately 90 multiple choice questions. 
It is cumulative and does include all topics covered this semester.  There is an enforced 2 hour maximum time limit. 

Homework Submissions

  • The absolute last date that any homework  will be accepted is Thursday May 9th  at midnight - no exceptions.   
  • If you owe me a lot of work, please do not send more than one assignment per email and please do not send them all at once; send them as you complete them.
Remaining Course Work Has Been Posted.

As noted in the email I sent all of you at the start of Spring Break; all the remaining work for the course has been posted.  The videos are on eLearning, the homework and supplemental materials are posted on this site. 

The due dates on all homework is staggered.  You should complete the work in the order presented; some of the work builds off previously completed work. 

As always, don't hesitate to email me or stop by my office if you have questions.


Career Services Events:   
Consider attending some of the workshops that will help you with resume writing, interview skills...etc:!  Some of these events are designed specifically for STEM students.   STEM Career Services Events 

STEM Club Tours & Events -- April Calendar,   May Calendar,   Tour Calendar

STEM Club is co-hosting a Dress for Success event on Thursday, April 4 at 1:30PM in E104A. This hands-on workshop will help you find the best suited, professional attire for you. This is in preparation for the upcoming Job Spring Fair (April 11) and STEM Networking Night (April 23). Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to leave with a free and complete, professional outfit (and potential accessories) to utilize for the aforementioned events as well as for future job interviews (yes, the outfit will be yours to keep). Please note that this is a free event open to all genders.

Last Date for Student Generated Withdrawal: 
If you've fallen drastically behind and feel you can still catch up PLEASE contact me.   If you don't at all feel that you can catch up, please remember that the last date that students can withdraw from a course is April 11th.    Please refer to the syllabus regarding the college's withdrawal policy.   

Advisement & Registration  For Fall 2019
The advisement and registration period for Fall  2019 courses begins on April 10th and ends on April 26th.    Please be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor regarding Fall 2019 courses during this time.  Meet with the advisor for your program!   If you've been assigned to the general advisement area in G-building or to a Professor who is not a CIS Program Advisor, PLEASE meet with a CIS faculty member instead.  Depending on your major, please make an appointment with the following:
 Networking: Janelle Arruda (K217)
 Forensics or Computer Science: Igor Kholodov (K211)
 Security or Computer Science: Silvino Ferreira (K216)
 Business & Information Systems or Multi Media & Internet: Rose Ferro (K218)
 All others: Priscilla Grocer (K112)


Week of


The DNS lecture has been added to the eLearning site.  A homework on this topic has been assigned.
Week of


The Printing lecture has been added to the eLearning site.  A homework on this topic has been assigned.
Week of


The NAT lecture will be available on eLearning on Saturday, 2/16.  A homework on this topic has been assigned.
Week of


The DHCP Lectures have been added to eLearning.  The DHCP homework has been assigned.
Weeks of


1/28/2019 &


Welcome Back!

If you're registered for this course it means you're taking the course as a directed study course.   My plan for this semester is to treat this as an online class.  The recordings from last year's lectures will be posted on the eLearning site.   Homework and announcements will be posted on this (cisweb)  site.     As you are I'm sure aware, things that worked fine last year might not work the same this year.  I will be testing all the tasks that you'll be expected to complete before posting the videos and homework on that topic.   

The first assignment is a review assignment.  I've posted last year's review lecture on the eLearning site.  The NFS Review from last year didn't record therefore you may need to refer to the 133 lectures if you need a review on NFS.  The homework has also been posted. 

There will be approximately 10 or 11 vhomework assignments spread across the entire semester.  They will be posted, along with the respective videos as they are ready. 

As with CIS133, there is no required textbook for the course.   I will use on-line resources for the course and will post them on the Supplemental Materials page of this site.  Supplemental materials from last semester are available on this class's supplemental materials page.  

If you have questions about this site at any time and/or you have questions about the course, please do not hesitate to ask in class, email me, stop by during an office hour, or make an appointment to see me.  My office is in K-217, my email address is and my office hours are listed within my schedule.