CIS231 Windows Server Administration II
Janelle C. Arruda, Professor CIS
Fall 2017
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Homework Submission and Final Exam Information

  • The absolute last date that any homework will be accepted is Thursday, December 14th at 11:59 p.m. - no exceptions.  Do NOT submit anything after the 14th.

  • The final exam is on Monday, December 18th  at 10:30 in K105  - Online students should email me ASAP regarding taking the final exam.

  • The final exam is a cumulative, 100  multiple choice question exam with a 2 hour limit  - be ON TIME.   

    Upon completion of the final you will be able to see your score but you will not be able to review the details of the final.  The final exam will not be available for review online

  • There are no makeups to the final; if you do not take the final during the scheduled time you will receive a final exam grade of zero.  

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12/4/2017 JOB POSTINGS......

During class on 12/4 I covered Active Directory Powershell. 

Next week I will hold open lab for all my classes.  I will be available as follows:

Monday:                                          Tuesday:                                          Thursday:
K102    9:30 to 11:30                      K101   9:30 to 10:45                       K101  9:30 to 10:45
K105    11:00 to 1:30                      K105   11:00 to 1:30
K103    4:00 to 6:30

Week 12


During class on 11/27 I covered the process of adding a 2016 DC to a 2012R2 domain.  I also covered operations masters and DHCP failovers.    The last homework of the semester was assigned.

During the 2nd half of today's class I covered powershell basics.  Next week I will cover Powershell with Active directory.  There will not be a homework on this topic.

During the last week of class I will not lecture; it will be lab time.

Week 11


During class on 11/20 I wrapped up pstools and covered DNS.

A DNS homework was assigned.

If you're an online student and have not contacted me yet about the final exam, please do so ASAP.


Week 10


Web Client -- Is anyone having problems with their machines disappearing in the web client?  If so, please remember that you have access to the machines via the desktop client with the terminal server.  Use the Terminal server but PLEASE let me know that the problem is happening.

During class on 11/13 I covered software deployment and PStools.   A homework including both topics was assigned.

NOTE:    I ran into problems with my Windows 10 machine during class and therefore was not able to complete one part of the pstools lecture.  I will fix  Windows 10 before next week's class and finish that lecture at that time.   

Week 9


During class on 11/6 I finished the topic of printing.  The second printing assignment was assigned.  I also covered the process of moving dhcp services.  A homework on this topic was assigned.

- It's advisement time.  Make an appointment to meet with your advisor.

Week 8


The college was closed due to a power outage on Monday, 10/30.   We did not meet.
Week 7


During class on 10/23 I covered printer deployment via GPOs and via scripts.   Printer Security was also covered.

The first of two printer homeworks was assigned.


Week 6


During class on 10/16 I covered NAT and started the topic of Printing.

A homework on NAT was assigned.  Heads up - there will be 2 homework assignments on printing and both may be assigned next week.

Week 5


During class on 10/10 I covered DHCP.  A homework on the topic was assigned.

Next week I will cover NAT and I will start lecturing on Printing.

Week 4



Remember.... next Monday is a holiday, BCC will follow Monday's schedule on Tuesday, 10/10.  This means this class will meet on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Also, please be on time; the Dean will be attending class for an annual obvservation. 

During class on 10/2 all students worked on 4 labs; when complete, each should have a fully functioning domain.   If you did not complete the labs during class, please be sure to complete them ASAP.  The Review assignment requires the use of this new domain.  The assignment has been posted on the Homework page and it is due in two weeks. 

Receive Full Credit for the 4 labs assigned during the 10/2  class by submitting the following by 10/9

  •  AWord Document containing a screenshot of Active Directory Users and Computers running on each of the 4 computers in your domain.  Please be sure that each screenshot includes the title bar of the virtual machine so that I can confirm the OS you're showing me.
  • A copy of the sysprep.xml file that you created for Windows 10.
  • Make sure you created a local Janelle user on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (Microsoft! password)  Do not login as that user. 

CIS231 Virtual Machines:  Please leave your server powered on but shutdown your clients.

VMWare Space Issues:  Please do not unnecessarily clone your machines.  If you've cloned Windows 10 and Window 7 AND you've successfully run sysprep on those machines, please delete the clone.  We need the space.

Next week I will cover the topic of DHCP.    It is covered in both the windows 2008 server book as well as the windows 2012 server book. 


Week 3


During class this week I reviewed Share and NTFS Security; unfortunately the video failed.  You can refer to last semester's videos on this topic if necessary.

I also covered password recovery and a homework on this topic was assigned.

Next week -- please be sure to complete all the requirements listed in the installation instructions from last week's (9/18) class.   Please remember that 100% credit for these installs will only be received if you've completed ALL requirements BEFORE next week's class. 

A few additional comments:  After you've finished Windows 7 and Windows 10 - clone them.  Next week you will do a SysPrep lab on each of these machines and if things are not done properly you could lose access to the machine.  The clone will be a backup :)

During class next week we will install Active Directory on the server and add each of our clients as accounts in the domain.



Week 2


During class this week all students should have successfully installed Windows 2012 R2, Windows 7 and Windows 10.    If you need electronic copies of the installation instructions they are available on the Homework page.

Each of the three sets of instructions includes a list of screenshots that you need to send me to confirm you've successfully completed the labs. 
To receive full credit for these labs you must send these screenshots by 10/1.   Submissions received later will lose points.

Next week I will review file system security and I will cover password recovery.  A homework on password recovery will be assigned.

Week 1


During the first week of class I provided an overview of the course, I reminded students of the various methods of accessing VMware on and off campus.   I went over the process of getting product keys from Microsoft Imagine and I did some CIS131 reviewing.   Next week all students will complete installations of 3 operating systems.  

Please note that the recorded lectures for this week have been posted on CIS231 websie in eLearning.    Use your AccessBCC credentials to login.
You should still have access to the video lectures form CIS131 in eLearning.  If you don't, please let me know ASAP.

Please be sure you are ready for next week's class.  We will be doing installations and you will need  to do the following BEFORE Monday.   (Preferably by Friday -   Please do not wait until Sunday night to test this. )  All students must attend!!!!

Online Students  Students who have opted to take the course online MUST let me know that you plan on taking the course online and MUST attend two classesSeptember 18th and October 2nd.   Please note that all other lectures will be recorded and I will post the videos each week either on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.

Microsoft Imagine please be sure to get product keys for the following OSs.  Email me ASAP if you weren't able to register.  Remember.... you don't have to download the ISO but do need to 'purchase' the Operating Systems (they are free).  Once 'purchased', the product key will be available to you on the site.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY TO TEST THIS!!!

Windows Server 2012 R2 r2 dATACENTER 64-Bit  (English) - Microsoft Imagine
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions), Version 1703 (updated March 2017) 32/64-bit (English) - Microsoft Imagine
I will email you a product key for windows 7.

Login to Vmware from home; make sure you're able to access your machines from last year and your folder for this year.  In addition, Right click on the folder and make sure that the 'New Virtual machine / New Virtual Machine" items are NOT gray-shaded.
If you have problems with either VMWare or Microsoft Imagine, please let me know ASAP.  Preferably by Friday so that I have time to resolve the problem(s).


Welcome Back!

This class is a continuation of CIS131.  I will begin the semester with an overview of the course and a review of some of the topics you'll need to complete the review assignment.

No new textbook is required for this course.   I'll be covering topics from last semester's textbook as well as additional topics for which I'll provide web resources.  The additional topics will include but are not limited to installation of Windows 20012R2, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NAT, Terminal Services....

If you have questions about this site at any time and/or you have questions about the course, please do not hesitate to ask in class, email me, stop by during an office hour, or make an appointment to see me.  My office is in K-217, my email address is and my office hours are listed within my schedule.