CIS133 Unix/Linux System Administration I
Janelle C. Arruda, Professor CIS
Fall 2018
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Advisement & Registration  For Spring 2019
The advisement and registration period for Spring 2019 courses begins on November 7th.   Please be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor regarding Spring 2019 courses.
If you are a CIS major (or are thinking of becoming a CIS major), please be sure that you meet with a CIS advisor. If you've been assigned to the general advisement area in G-building or to a Professor who is not a CIS Professor, PLEASE meet with a CIS faculty member instead.  Depending on your major, please make an appointment with the following:
 Networking: Janelle
 Arruda (K217)
 or Computer Science: Igor Kholodov (K211)
 Security or Computer Science:
 Silvino Ferreira (K216)
 Multimedia and Internet: Rose Ferro (K218)
 All others: Priscilla Grocer (K112)
 Sign up sheets will be posted on their respective office doors by November 2nd

Please note that advisement appointments are available from November 7th to November 27th.   Please make a point of meeting with an advisor during that time period.  Sign up sheets will not include dates beyond 11/27.  (You can still stop by during an office hour)

Student Generated Withdrawal

If you've fallen drastically behind and feel you can still catch up PLEASE stop by my office so we can talk.   If you don't at all feel that you can catch up, please remember that the last date that students can withdraw from a course is November 15th.    Please refer to the syllabus regarding the college's withdrawal policy.

Week 10



During class on 11/6 I covered NFS.  A homework on the topic was assigned.

Next week:  Monday is a holiday and Monday's schedule will be followed on Tuesday.   This means CIS133 will not  meet next week.


Week 8


During class on 10/23 I covered some miscellaneous commands, runlevels and how to change the root user's password at boot.

The 6th homework was assigned.

Homework Due Dates:  Please remember that homework is a large percentage of the final grade.   Late points are deducted for late work and anything more than 2 weeks late will not be accepted.    At the time of this writing, 2 of the 6 are no longer on the site and will no longer be accepted.  If you have fallen behind, please take the time to catch up. 

Next week (10/30)  I will not lecture but will hold open lab during our normally scheduled class.  I will do this for a few other classes as well

Lab Time Next Week: - I will be available in labs on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Please feel free to stop by if you have questions or just want to work on homework while having me there to ask questions:

Monday 10/29 & Tuesday 10/30
Monday:   9:30 to 10:30   K102
               11:00 to 1:30     K105

Tuesday  11:00 to 1:30   K105


Week 7


During class on 10/16 I covered some file system related commands including using find and creating symbolic and hard links.

The 5th homework was assigned.


Week 5 During class on 10/2 I covered File System Hierarchy Standard, mounting a device and the fstab file.

Homework #4 was assigned.

Next Week:

On Tuesday, 10/9 I will be in the lab but I will not lecture.  It will be an open lab.  Please feel free to stop by to work on homework or to get help with something you're  having problems with.
New new content will be posted. 

Week 4

Online Students:  Don't forget to check-in.  Some have not communicated with me since week 1.  PLEASE check in regularly.

During class on 9/25 I covered file permissions: chmod, chgrp, chown, umask, special permissions.

The third homework was assigned.

Week 3 This week's lectures are on user, password policy and group management.

The 2nd homework was assigned.

The videos on the site are from last year; I'm having problems with the recordings and audio.   Hopefully all will be resolved before next week.

Week 2


During class on the 9/11 all in-class students installed the OpenSuse Leap 42.2 Operating System.  Online students must complete the installation ASAP.  Instructions are available on the Homework and In-Class labs page above.

I also covered different methods of getting help on Linux, how to change the default resolution for the system, doing system updates and installing other desktop managers.    Videos have been posted on the eLearning site.

The first homework was assigned and is available on the Homework and In-Class labs page above. 

Online Students:  Don't forget to check-in.


Week 1


During week 1 I provided an overview of the class and lectured on Linux distros and desktops. 

The video from today's lecture has been posted on the eLearning site; it is available on the Recorded Lectures page.  

During next week's class (9/11)  students will install OpenSuse Leap 42.2 within the Vmware system.  If you have not done so already, please  login to  vmware and ensure that you have access to a folder (your name) in the CIS133 folder.  

ONLINE STUDENTS:  Students who have opted to take the course online MUST email me and let me know your plans.  You must also "check-in" weekly.  Submitting an assignment does count as a check-in.  If you aren't submitting an assignment during a particular week then a "check-in" email is required.



This is the first of a two-course sequence which covers how to install, manage and configure a Linux Operating system to function both as a stand alone system and as a server and client machine on a network. 

I've checked the roster and I don't see any new names; this means you all have had me before and know my style of teaching and you know my course policies.  I'll review everything in that regards during the first class. 

There is no required textbook for the course.  I will use on-line resources for the course and will post them on the Supplemental Materials page of this site.  I will be recording the lectures for this course and will post them on the eLearning site. 

If you have questions about this site at any time and/or you have questions about the course, please do not hesitate to ask in class, email me, stop by during an office hour, or make an appointment to see me.  My office is in K-217, my email address is and my office hours are listed within my schedule.