CIS131 Windows Server Administration I
Janelle C. Arruda, Professor CIS
Spring 2019
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Week 7


During class on 3/18 I covered account policies, group types and scopes and built in groups.  I also covered local security policies and group policies.   The next homework was assigned.
Spring Break The week of March 11th is Spring Break at BCC.  There are no classes.

I will be checking my email regularly during spring break; don't hesitate to email me if you have questions.


Week 5


During class on 2/25 I covered topics related to creating, modifying and deleting using accounts (chapter 30).  The process of creating home folders for users and using template objects to create users was also included in this week's lecture.  The latter two topics are not in the book; refer to the supplemental materials page for those topics.

The Homework #5 - User Accounts was assigned.

Next week:   I will not lecture during next week's class (March 4th), instead there will be open-lab.   Students are encouraged to use this time to work on homework.  I will be there to answer questions.    The week after next is spring break (Week of March 11th).   Our next class meeting will be on  3/18. 

Homework Submissions: Please... include the assignment number and name on the subject line when submitting homework.  Use the homework name as it appears on the link to the assignment on this site.  Also, please be sure to include the section number of the course in which you're enrolled; don't include the time the course meets.  If you aren't sure what section you're enrolled in, please check your schedule in AccessBCC.

Please remember that homework is a large percentage of your final grade and cannot be submitted more than 2 weeks late.  Late points will be deducted for late submissions.  Some students have not submitted the first graded homework (chapter 4).  It was due on 2/18 and as of today's date it is 1 week late.  This is not a good way to start the semester.  Just as a heads, up for those of you who must take CIS231 next semester (Networking majors, some Security Majors and NetTech certificate students), you must get a grade of C or better in CIS131 before you can take CIS231.   

Online Students:  You must submit a "check-in" email during any week in which you don't submit a homework.  If you submit a homework you don't have to submit a separate "check-in" email.   Some online students are not checking in and have not yet submitted the first graded homework. 


Week 4


During class on 2/20 I covered topics from chapters 24 & 25 and I started the topic of creating users (chapter 30).  A homework including topics from chapters 24 & 25 has been posted on the homework page.

The videos from class have been posted on eLearning.

Virtual Machines:  Please remember, when you aren't using your machines, leave your server powered on and power down your clients.

Week 3


During class on 2/11 I covered chapter 5 and chapter 7.  One homework for each chapter was assigned and are available on the homework page of this site.

If you're having a problem connecting to a client or a server through computer management, please refer to my comments regarding possible solutions at the start of this week's lecture.

Next week I will lecture from chapters 24 & 25.

Next week's class:  Next Monday is a holiday.  BCC will be closed on Monday but will follow Monday's schedule on Wednesday.  This means that we will meet on Wednesday, 2/20,  instead of Monday next week.   

Week 2


During class on 2/4 I covered topics from chapter 4 and assigned the first graded homework.  The homework is available on the homework page.  Next week I will cover topics from chapter 5. 

The class videos are posted on the eLearning site.

Online Students:  If you're taking this course online you MUST communicate with me weekly.

Week 1

During class on 1/28 I provided an overview of the course, went over the course syllabus and course policies.  I also went over the process of connecting to the vmware server using both the web-flash/flex and web-html5 clients.  In addition,  I covered  the difference between local and domain accounts and demonstrated the process of logging in at all clients as well as on the server.

A vmware verification homework was assigned.  Please submit that to me before our next class meeting.

The lecture  recordings are posted on the eLearning site.  Use your AccessBCC credentials to login.

ALL STUDENTS PLEASE READ:  There are currently 2 sections of this course.   In regards to content, I will be treating the two classes as one.  
CIS131 A2C is scheduled to meet on Tuesdays from 11 to 1:40 in K102.   I will record the lecture and post it on the site later that same day. 
CIS131 22W does not have a meeting time.
Regardless of which section you've registered for, you are welcome to attend the face-to-face Tuesday lectures.    I do however ask that you include the actual section you're registered for on the subject line when submitting homework.   This will make it easier for me to organize incoming mail.  Thank you.



Please refer to the Course Syllabus for textbook  requirements for the course.   In addition, look over the course policies available at the top of this page.

BCC classes begin on Wednesday, January 23rd. Since this course meets on a Monday and there are no classes on Monday during the first week of classes, we will meet for the first time on Monday, January 28th.    

On-Line Students
This course is offered as a student option course; this means students can opt to take it on line or face-to-face.  For those who intend on taking it on line: please note I intend on keeping the on-line students in sync with the face-to-face students.  I will  update the class website weekly but will do so only AFTER I've completed the in-class lecture.  The posting will identify what we did that week and what I hope to accomplish the following week.  Any homework assigned will also be posted at that time.   I also intend to record (desktop and voice) the class lecture and will post it on the elearning site.   Since the face-to-face class meets for the first time on Monday January 28th the first update won't happen until after that date.  If you haven't already informed me, you MUST email me to let me know if you plan on taking the class online.   

All materials for the course, for both in-class and on-line students, will be available on this site and the eLearning site.;no hard copies will be provided in class.

If you have questions about this site at any time and/or you have questions about the course, please do not hesitate to ask in class, email me, stop by during an office hour, or make an appointment to see me.  My office is in K-217, my email address is and my office hours are listed within my schedule.