CIS106 Supplemental Materials 
Materials will be added as new topics are introduced.

How To Instructions
How to use the snipping tool to generate a Screenshot / Snippet
Copy Text From Command Prompt
How to Zip and Unzip Files
Different ways to Open Command Prompt
Different ways to Open Command Prompt as Administrator (with elevated privileges)




Connecting to VMware.  


Review topics

Absolute and Relative path.
Search Path

Commands A to Z
Alphabetical listing of Commands
Multiple commands and conditional processing symbols  (this one also has redirection operators and, although a bit old (OS/2), its content is still accurate.
Redirection Operators
Command redirection Operators - Microsoft' TechNet site


Batch File Parameters

Shift Command (use of special codes like %~f1 - refers to %1 using it's absolute path)
batch file parameters
Net User
Net User can be used to create local users in both Windows XP and Windows 7
IF Statements 

CHOICE   (This site displays the syntax for the old Choice command and the new Choice command.  Be sure to reference the correct syntax.  It's the second on the list -- the one that is listed for Windows 2003 or.... use choice /? in the OS you're using.

   Set Variable Edit/Replace: 
   Set  Extract Part of String
   String manipulation examples


General Syntax of For /L command for looping



CALL Call Statement used to call batch files and/or to call SubRoutines within a batch file
Misc. Commands shutdown
Net localgroup