CIS106 Homework
Homework - will be added as the semester progresses

VMWare Verification - Due 2/4/2020 
The password for both existing accounts on both virtual machines is:  Microsoft!

Update:   Please note that although I've included due dates on these assignments,
I will NOT be taking late points on any assignments.   
Get me the work as you can but do keep in mind that the semester does
end on May 11th.  Send me work as it's completed.  Don't send multiple
assignments in one email and don't send all work at once. 
As always -- don't hesitate to email me if you have questions!!!
Homework #1 - Due 2/25/2020
Homework #2 - Due 3/31/20/20
Homework #3 - Due 4/7/2020
Homework #4 - Due 4/27/2020
Homework #5 - Due 5/11/2020