CIS106 Operating System Scripting
Janelle C. Arruda, Professor CIS
Spring 2017
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Week 4


During class on 2/14 I finished the SHIFT command, I covered the IF statement and the IF Exist statement.

The 2nd homework was assigned. 

Next Week:  Monday, 2/20 is a holiday and BCC will follow Monday's schedule on Tuesday 2/21.  This means that our class will not meet next week.  Our next class meeting is 2/27.

Week 3


During class on 2/7  I covered datastreams; standard out, standard error and standard input.  I also covered the GOTO statement with label, pushd and popd and the shift command.

No new homework was assigned.

Recorded lectures have been posted on eLearning.


Week 2


Please take a minute to complete the availability survey for the class SI (Steve Amaral).  He will be available during SI sessions weekly and is trying to determine what time would work best.   Click here for the survey  

During class on 1/31 I reviewed input and output redirection as well as piping.  The first homework was assigned.  It is available on the Homework page of this site.   The assignment requires the use of replaceable parameters, output redirection and piping.  If you have questions about the assignment please be sure to either email me or stop by my office.

The recorded lectures are on the Course Content page of the eLearning site;site.

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Week 1



During class on 1/24/2017 I spent time going over the website and the general requirements of the course.     I reviewed the process of creating a batch file and the topic of search order.  I went over the use of variables in commands and started reviewing output redirection. 

The video from today's lecture has been posted on the eLearning site.

No homework was assigned this week.  Remember.... this class only meets for 50 minutes a week.  Homework will most likely be assigned every 2 or 3 weeks in the semester. 

Online Students:    If you're opting to take this course online you MUST email me to let me know.  In addition, please be sure to "check-in" weekly.   To Check-In, send me an email that includes your name, CIS106 and the word "Check-in" on the subject line
Pease review the course policies and course syllabi and watch this week's video.  

As always, don't hesitate to email me if you have questions.



This website will be used for all students in the CIS106 course.   All materials for the course, for both in-class and on-line students, will be available on this site and the eLearning site.;no hard copies will be provided in class. I will  update the class website weekly but will do so only AFTER I've completed the in-class lecture.  The posting will identify what we did that week and what I hope to accomplish the following week.  Any homework assigned will also be posted at that time.   This is a 1-credit course.  The class only meets for 50 minutes per week (Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m.).   Each lecture will be recorded and the video will be posted on the eLearning site.   Use your AccessBCC email account to login to elearning.

Students opting to take the course online must email me to inform me of this before the start of the semester.

I'll begin the semester by providing an overview of the class and spending a little time doing a quick review of some of the Batch File topics covered in CIS121.  This course will build off those topics. The CIS121 course is a prerequisite to this course.  Students are expected to have a good understanding of the command line as covered in CIS121.

There is no required textbook for this course.  I will provide on-line resources for all topics covered and they will be available on the Supplemental Materials page   You should take a few minutes to go over the course policies and the syllabus available at the top of this page.  

If you have questions about this site at any time and/or you have questions about the course, please do not hesitate to ask in class, email me, stop by during an office hour, or make an appointment to see me.  My office is in K-217, my email address is and my office hours are listed within my schedule.