Bristol Community College

Computer Information Systems Department

Welcome to a new semester in the CIS Department at BCC!

Instructor: Igor Kholodov
Office: K211
Telephone: 508-678-2811 ext. 3328


Advisement starts this week. You can sign up for advisement with:

Things to know:

Prof. Priscilla Grocer provides incredible resource info at

There you'll find the Newsletter, program-specific Advisement Worksheets, and General Guidelines about the computer courses you should be taking.

If you have me listed as your advisor, you can go to another member of the CIS Department for advisement.

All of the CIS advisors have the transcripts and the information to help you choose your Spring courses - please plan to see one of us.

If you are in game, contact Raymond directly.

Please note that the advisement check lists are not official - we may not have caught every possible error. Please refer to the catalog for official/confirmed information regarding your program and courses.